Pointed Elf Ear Cuffs with Chain and Moon


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This is a way to look and feel like a Fairy or an Elf! No need for piercing your ears or gluing those latex fake ears on to your skin!

Beautifully handcrafted with 16 gauge silver colored copper core wire. Swarovski crystal beads are wrapped carefully with 24 gauge wire. Oxidized silver metal jewelry finding are carefully soldered on to ensure sturdiness. Sparkling beautiful rhinestones are set perfectly as a finishing touch on these lovely Elven/Fairy Ears. They are sure to make you feel like a high elf from the most prestige kingdom in far away lands, or a flittering queen fairy watching over her forest palace.

You will receive a Pair!

Made with:

-16 and 24 gauge colored copper core wire
-Metal jewelry findings
-Crystal beads
-Lead free Solder
-Measures approximately 2.75 inches from tip to lobe, 1.50 inches wide.

Can be gently adjusted by squeezing the width of the cuff, or adjusting the ear piece behind. (I have a video for showing this, just ask if you need it.)

Great for fantasy weddings, LARP, festivals, renaissance faires, cosplay, Halloween Costume, Christmas and birthday gifts or perhaps your just like looking and feeling like an Elf or Fairy in your daily activity! Also perfect alternative to having pierce

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